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Music & Memory

Since the uprising in Tunisia, we welcomed many visitors from around the world ,coming for different reasons like a study tour, photography, projects, partnerships... I met many but few of them capture my attention and remain in memory.
Music & Memory is a project by NEVIL MOUNTFORD. It is a very simple idea that makes people express themselves through their favorite songs. Nevil refused even to call it an interview. Once I told him that Tracy's Talking about the Revolution is the song that explains the situation in Tunisia for me, he played it on YouTube, turned on his camera and told me :" Yes..." He didn't ask specific questions but just gave me the space to feel the song and translate it into my personal experience...

     I like his description of what I expressed. I think, his stay for almost six months in Tunisia gave him a very clear picture of the situation. He is one of the English men that would remain a lasting memory. I met him for no more than 10 minu…

Call to Action to Tunisian"Provisional"Government for Jasmine Sellers

Dear Provisional President, Dear Provisional Government,
Though you don't have the magic to solve all the problems in Tunisia during your term (supposedly one year but you didn't even limit it), you've chosen to be decision-makers in this country and you should accordingly assume your responsibilities...we hired you and we pay you taxes to serve us (I said this million times but it's a good reminder)... There are urgent actions that should be taken...there are urgent issues that should be deeply looked up... such as the issues of children's rights in Tunisia that have been continuously violated children of the street, beggars, workers and especially Jasmine sellers... It has become a daily scene and has tremendousely increased since the revolution... though it is one of the worst forms of child exploitation in Tunisia.
Dear Provisional President, Dear Provisional Government,
Immediate measures have to be taken to investigate with the Jasmine sellers's par…

You have to be funny during Labor Day in Tunis

It doesn't mean that we should or tend to always criticize the government and be in the opposition camp. However, during an International celebration like the Labor Day in a country where the number of unemployed people will reach one million, I don't think our slogans would be supportive of people in power...I don't think we would be so happy with the situation...In such day, people would usually express their discontent with decision-makers...  One of the slogans that has been raised today:
" Tunisian labor supports the elected government"

The following video shows people chanting :"People with the government"

I will not comment on that but I'll let another slogan in the same crowd do:

"Thank you Government, YOU celebrate Labor Day and we celebrate Unemployment Day" 

       Since the revolution , Tunisians have shown an impressive creativity to express themselves and tend usually to add a dollop of humor to their message. One of the creati…