You have to be funny during Labor Day in Tunis

It doesn't mean that we should or tend to always criticize the government and be in the opposition camp. However, during an International celebration like the Labor Day in a country where the number of unemployed people will reach one million, I don't think our slogans would be supportive of people in power...I don't think we would be so happy with the situation...In such day, people would usually express their discontent with decision-makers...
 One of the slogans that has been raised today:

" Tunisian labor supports the elected government"

The following video shows people chanting :"People with the government"

I will not comment on that but I'll let another slogan in the same crowd do:

"Thank you Government, YOU celebrate Labor Day and we celebrate Unemployment Day" 

       Since the revolution , Tunisians have shown an impressive creativity to express themselves and tend usually to add a dollop of humor to their message. One of the creative and funny expressions of today was this man, holding a trash can, where he has put a lavatory pan with the picture of Ben Ali. Actually, he didn't even forget the mop and the bathroom brush. It is a very serious cleaning up of a very dirty and dusty toilet!

Another new habit of Tunisians since the revolution, is that they never miss any detail of what any public figure would make. A week ago, Marzouki -the provisional president- has visited the wholesale market of Bir El Kasba and one of the traders kissed his hand. It has immediately been an issue on social media till the trader has been invited to "Tounseya TV". He explained that this was spontaneous to express his happiness for seeing a president(provisional though) for the first time in his entire life,coming to where he works. 

The slogan today says:
 "We defend our dignity by our "teeth"not by kissing the hands of our officials"

==>I hope it is well received

Have a look at my report on Labor Day at Demotix


SeifAllah said…
very well subscribed and commented by a smart n shrewd Blogger ..
proud ov ya witty touta :)
DZ du coeur said…
Vraiment j'ai bien aimé ta façon de présenter les différentes tendances qui étaient présente le jour du 1 er mai ... Bonne continuation.
steve jackson said…
It Feel So Amazing To Read This Post. I Just Want To Thank The Writer For Providing Such An Informative Article. Thanks Once Again.
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