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Racism has taken a New Form

Walking in the street, I was called "ibrony" in Ghana and "Muzungu" in Kenya which means "white". I didn't take it seriously when I interacted with people. I would just smile! but deep inside for the first time I felt segregated because of my skin color especially that I see myself Black but maybe I look White. I see myself black just because people think African means black. I then thought about our racism in someone would feel to be called "black" in a predominately "White" society as I felt being called "White" in predominately "black" societies. Very Complex Indeed!! I realized how racist and inappropriate are the expressions we use comfortably in Tunisian dialect of the word "black" like "kahloush", "ousif" or "abeed"... also how racist to internationally call a part of the world "Black Africa", "L'Afrique Noire"? so when will we …

Semi-Finalist for PLURAL+ Youth Video Festival

I have started my advocacy commitment for intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding among Americans and Arab Muslims during my stay in the US last year. Coming from North Africa and being faced myself with many stereotypes while engaging in sincere conversations, made me realize that the first step to bridge both cultures is to expose those stereotypes, explore information from both parts of the world and tell a different story of the mainstream media. 
One of the harsh statements that an Arab can hear is attacked of being "a terrorist" because of the act of few! my short video "Arab Muslims living in the USA" highlights the views of Americans and Arab Muslims living in the US who have a different story to tell than that of hatred, skepticism and intolerance.
I entered with my video an international competition on PLURAL + 2013 Youth Video Festival, a joint initiative of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAoC) and the International Organization for…