Where is Tunisia?

After living in the USA for about 8 months, I met very few people who knew what is Tunisia? (as not a type of food ) and where is Tunisia?
Though my country has been on the news for the last two years, still people think it's Indonesia or it might be somewhere in Europe or Asia!! No blame! some people think I'm from Latin America because they have never actually met a Tunisian so they don't know what a Tunisian look like!!well..

For those who have never heard of it that's your chance so that when random people will ask you in the street about it- like I did few days ago in Georgia- you will confidently answer!!!

Tunisia is a beautiful small country in North Africa ( smallest country in North Africa) bordered by Algeria to the west, Libya to the southeast and the Mediterranean Sea to the north and east. Tunisia has around 11 million people, predominately Muslim society but has a large Jewish community in the south and other religious minorities. Our official language is Arabic (this is why we're classified as Arab country), our second language is French because we've been colonized by the French for 75 years and some Tunisians also speak Berber/Amazigh.  We had two dictators (personal opinion) and a revolution on January 14th 2011!

Now you know! some other people still don't know so it's your responsiblity to share and get them know!!

Check out my video asking people about Arabs and Tunisia

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Anonymous said…
Most of americans have only a few of culture. They know very well their country, that's all...
Maaz Alnugomi said…
Shocking .. but Very interesting
Anonymous said…
Same for me in Miami or NYC they didn't know Tunisia, but in Canada most of people know Tunisia even outside Quebec
Tarek Sammoud said…
Habib Bourguiba was a hero not a dictator ! our country truly needs another man like him not some goofy clown
Djemaa Oussema said…


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