interview by Fashion Magazines!!

After being interviewed by news-websites, journals and magazines covering the Arab Revolt, it was really interesting to be contacted by Magazines which write primarily about fashion, celebrities, beauty, Lifestyle, fitness and health...

Very interesting, indeed, how the directors of the those magazines are concerned about Revolution's voices or maybe is it still part of the marketing? which means that revolutions have become branded!!
The diversity of the journalists is interesting too, because not only Americans, British and French write stories and news about Tunisia but I've been interviewed by Polish, Danish, Canadian journalists beside obviously the MENA media outlets but recently Australian and Belgian magazines are also highlighting stories of the revolutions.

Fiona MacDonald wrote this article on the Australian Magazine Madison about stories of women in the Arab Uprising what she called "After the Revolution". She interviewed women from Egypt, Libya, Syria and Tunisia including myself. Fiona said when she first contacted me and explained the message behind her article: " women have played a crucial role in the revolutions but many Australians don’t know much about what’s been happening (other than what they see on the news) and how empowered the Arab women are". I am proud of her final piece which had I guess a positive reaction worldwide and I hope also in Australia,

Céline Gautier interviewed me for the Belgian Magazine ELLE Belgique. It is a women magazine but mainly featuring pop culture, life & love, hair & beauty, accessories, shops etc... The interview was about women's rights in Tunisia and the ruling Islamic party Ennahda. Celine also captured my attention with the same comment as Fiona : " I'll make you some questions  in order for me to understand better what's happening now in Tunisia regarding women's rights. As the Europeans have a lot of misinformation, I'll ask you to give us some facts and not only feelings or thoughts"!

I am happy that around the world, there are journalists who try to give deeper insights into the Arab Uprising through people's voice, youth and stories from the street but at the same time I still wonder when the international media would stop manipulating people and misleading them through biased and even falsified facts!

To every journalist, Be honest to your job and ethics!!


nancy john said…
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