"Human Rights Voices" my Initiative at the Human Rights Day

Part of my duty as a citizen journalist/ blogger, I realized that I have to get people's voice more heard than just reporting the reality under my personal views. Therefore, I am starting today, December 10th, 2012- the Human Rights Day- new series of videos I call "Human Rights Voices". A lot of people think this world is getting worse and worse with all the conflicts we are witnessing, the challenges we are facing, the climate change, the economic crisis, the increasing poverty rate etc.. It seems that the world is giving birth to more corrupt minds. However, I've been meeting everyday inspiring people who care about our planet and other people's well-being... people we think do not exist anymore but they are around if we just listen to their stories and give them a VOICE then we will be astonished with their perception of life. For that purpose, I will be committed to get the Human Rights Voices to be heard, till we realize that in fact, we all have the same dream of a peaceful world where human rights and the dignity of the person are respected.

I will need your support, comments, critique and ideas to make this initiative useful, inspiring and beneficial to people around the world.

Here is my first video of the "Human Rights Voices":


Anonymous said…
I love your analysis. It's very interresting for increasing public awarness. Amazing! Paulin of Gabon
karthik sekar said…
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