My experience with CIVICUS so far...

CIVICUS has been one of the lifetime experiences to get my voice be heard widely and tell the people all over the world about my thoughts, beliefs and critics... because I believe my voice matters like YOUR voice and everyone's voice.

I started by organizing a panel in which I will bring people from different backgrounds, speaking different languages, holding different ideologies and visions to talk about Youth Mobilization through Social Media, from their personal experiences. I finally succeeded to gather four amazing youth voices from Egypt, Yemen, Belarus and North Carolina.

My panel is entitled Youth, Social Media and Mobilization. It will take place on Monday September 3rd, 2012.

I then started blogging for CIVICUS last month to promote the coming Youth Assembly and raise questions and give tangible solutions about Changing Nations through Citizens and many other crucial topics. Check out my profile and blog posts on CIVICUS official blog /

I thought then that I can contribute to this very important gathering of people by bringing peace to the World in that particular month where we'll soon celebrate the International Day of Peace. I will then organize an Online Meditation session at the opening of Youth Assembly called the Vibes of Peace. A lot of people might not be aware of the power of Meditation but I can tell you that when a lot of people focus on the same thing from the deepest point in their bodies and minds at the same time, they can actually spread their inner peace and their inner power to the whole world. I'm not saying this from a scientific, religious or ideological perspective but it has been my personal experience.

Then, I've been so thrilled to be invited to speak at the webinar on Building tolerant and inclusive societies through intercultural and interfaith dialogue” held on August 20th, which aimed at building bridges between the CIVICUS Youth Assembly and the UN Alliance of Civilizations Summer School. That Webinar was the first among a series of webinars as a pre-engagement to the thematic tracks of the Youth Assembly. That was also an interesting exchange of ideas and perceptions with Mr. Andrew Firmin.

Still my passion for this Assembly is growing as the date is coming closer, I then shot this video to guarantee my voice at this particular event in which I've looking forward and working on months ago...This video will be featured at the end of the Youth Assembly.

I will share more thoughts about the CIVICUS after the World Assembly that will take place 3-7 September.

To be continued...



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