Gender Equality is a RED Line

 I feel so ashamed to discuss the question of "Equality or Complementarity" between men and women in Tunisia after almost a century of guaranteeing these rights!  are we going forward or backward?

"The code of Personal Status is a Red Line"
 Aya Chebbi Photography

Who said that Islamists can be democratic? We gave them the chance to prove it but once again they fail.I thought that Hamadi Jebali was joking when he said that he wants an Islamic Caliphate “ this is a historical moment of the 6th Caliphate” ....that it was a mistake as he claimed.  

However, sometimes, I become never surprised of anything that comes from Ennahda. Looking into Baba Ghannoush's inspirational leaders, I understand more his party's we say Birds of a feather flock together الطيور على اشكالها تقع.  A good example is the leader of the Sudanese Muslim Brotherhood, Sheikh Hassan Al Turabi, who welcomed El Ghannnoushi in the period of Ben Ali’s oppression to Enhhada and he even gave him a Sudanese passport. This figure as an inspiration and close friend to Ghannoushi failed to establish a democratic Islamic state due to harsh implementation of Shariaa Law. One of his practices is  arresting women in public for wearing Jeans!! 

Denouncing dictatorships while being the leader of the same party for 16 years, Baba Ghannouch stated before the revolution: ‘God is the unique power and background to all politics, economy, education, ethnics, international relations…We should look at the religion as religion and politics, religion and economy, religion and state…”Whereas now he claims that the state is based on the rule of law and democracy!!

Actually, I am sick of listening to Ennahda's double speech.
"Islamists are falling masks"

    Is that what moderate Islamic Party means? violating women's rights? 
Didn't you support gender equality and promise to preserve the Personal Status Code before the elections? Doesn't your 365 points program clearly guarantee protection of individual rights and liberties of women and gender equality ? NOW, while drafting the constitution, you are offering backward proposals referring to the "complementarity" of women "with the man within the family"  instead of Equality!!

Though, not all Tunisians have studied at Law school or taken some Law courses but it is so clear in the definition you attributed to women as complimentary to man in the article that you made more than two hundred people demonstrate, last Thursday, in front of the National Constituent Assembly headquarters. 

Aya Chebbi Photography
 BUT It doesn't end there! Monday August 13th, which happens to be Women's Day ( the anniversary of the promulgation of the Code, 13 August 1956) will witness the big demonstration. This time it's not a Day for celebration, it will be a Day for claims... demands for a revision of this article to include the term "Equality", and not those of complementarity.

     I hope this would be a Wake Up Call for the 49 women members of the Constituent Assembly! It is true that  42 of them are Ennahda’s representatives but how can these women vote for an article that says that women are ‘complementary’ to men and not equal to them!? aren't they aware that there is a threat to the achievements of Tunisian women by passing this article!?

  As we said " No to Backwardness"

Aya Chebbi Photography, February 28, 2012

 As we said "No to Shariaa Law "

Aya Chebbi Photography, March 8, 2012

As we said "No to Violence"

Aya Chebbi Photography "March 20, 2012"

Today we say " No to Complimentary, Yes to full Gender Equality" and to include this equality in the marble of the constitution

"Women's rights in Tunisia are gains not to be taken away"
 Aya Chebbi Photography

Wherever you are sign The Petition if you support the cause. 

Participate in the March if you believe in Gender Equality not complementarity!


Rose Wachuka said…
I hope and stand with the Tunisian women in this fight. We, Kenyan women have fought against Patriarchy for many many decades. And we still fight. May the women who may, stand and fight for those who cannot. Because in so doing, you fight for your daughters, mothers, sisters and friends. Do not relent but with God's help surge forward and be the generation that guaranteed Tunisian women their full rights. Let no woman curse being born female and let their rights and their bodies be theirs to govern not another person's to control with the law and customs as they wish. Alluta Continua my sisters, the struggle continues
Aya Chebbi said…
Thank my dear for the support!
Women4Education said…
Good Job Aya and I hope that together we can support each other so that this great continent of ours will gain the equality that it is supposed to have. Personally I have never understood what it means to be complementary. Are we some form of desert that is served to compliment the meal?


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