I am proudly African

I am African, YES I am African and not Middle Eastern.

Tunisia is obviously situated in North Africa. Accordingly, I belong to Africa more than any other identification attributed to me like being from the Arab region or the predominately Muslim societies. After Kenya's Global Voices Citizen Media Summit, my sense of belonging to Africa grew stronger.

Surrounded by 300 people from 60 countries , I found myself attending the Kenyan panel, socializing with participants from Nigeria, Malawi, Ghana, Cameroon... and mostly interested in topics like Creating an African network,


I hope the Sub-Saharan Africa would link up with  the North in terms of activism, events, networking, partnerships... because we definitely have the common ground to work together for peace, youth empowerment, women's issues and many other topics that affect our regions.

We all need to talk to each other, recognize each others' problems, learn from each others' experiences and work together on the solutions.


I leave you with this atmosphere of African music that definitely will shake your hips.

Find out the photos of the Summit on my Flicker & Demotix 



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