Life & Hope at #Sidi Bouzid

Regardless of all the problems that Sidi Bouzid suffers from mainly unemployment, poverty, the lack of tourism and  investment and the weakness of the civil society, it is still a very alive region.Beside the fact that Tunisians love "la vie en rose", joking, hanging out, visiting each others or meeting at coffees,people in Sidi Bouzid, also love to be smiling and hopeful.On the contrary to the picture propagated of central cities of Tunisia, as remaining dangerous and insecure, Sidi Bouzid is full of life and joy -not during the siesta though- :)

Special thanks to Yasser Ncibi , Thamer Daly , Lotfi Brahim  and  Farouk Smari for their help and hospitality.


Anonymous said…
ah! Thank youu Aya for the vid! beaufitully done! It was a pleasure to have you around :)
Aya.Chebbi said…
Sweetie, it has been a pleasure meeting you and getting to know one of the women leaders of Sidi Bouzid :)


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