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Life & Hope at #Sidi Bouzid

Regardless of all the problems that Sidi Bouzid suffers from mainly unemployment, poverty, the lack of tourism and  investment and the weakness of the civil society, it is still a very alive region.Beside the fact that Tunisians love "la vie en rose", joking, hanging out, visiting each others or meeting at coffees,people in Sidi Bouzid, also love to be smiling and hopeful.On the contrary to the picture propagated of central cities of Tunisia, as remaining dangerous and insecure, Sidi Bouzid is full of life and joy -not during the siesta though- :)

Special thanks to Yasser Ncibi , Thamer Daly , Lotfi Brahim  and  Farouk Smari for their help and hospitality.

Our March for #OccupyGezi


Egypt: Between round I & round II

While I was there, I couldn't write a word about Egypt "أم الدنيا", the first Arab country I visit, because it took me so much time to grasp the differences of our countries while we're both in North Africa, having almost the same background, language, religion ...

I've always thought that who can drive in Tunisia would drive anywhere on earth due to the traffic and tight roads we suffer from. However, it seems that once you manage to drive in Egypt you deserve the international licenses.

Never say that you've been to Egypt without drinking tea "koshari" on a very popular coffee while playing Domino or "Tawla".

The pyramids should be an obligatory station, so that whenever you come to Egypt you have to pass by . However, dear tourists,  Egypt is more than Khufu and Bal Hamoun . It is a very rich history that only people living in places like kafr El Zayat and Tanta can teach you the true history and the real life.

Not to forget to…

Back to Square One...

It is the closed circle where after almost 18 months of the start of the so-called "Tunisia's Revolution", we're suffering the same insecurity, chaos and terrorism. What is most ridulculous is a curfew in June 12, 2012 since the last curfew in March 2011!

Let's go back to the so called "Tunisia's first free and fair elections"

Going back to  October 2011 we all remember the broadcast of the film “Persepolis” on October 7th followed by riot police responded to a public protest against Nessma TV. Then, the elections had taken place in October 23rd.

During November, we witnessed a tremendous socio-economic destruction following flooding. Besides, the major issues were concerning women as Souad Abderrahim's statement that single mothers are a disgrace to Tunisia and “do not have the right to exist.” made a controversy and was followed by women's demonstration for the maintenance of their rights and liberties.

In December, protests con…