A World of continuous human tragedies...

           It would seem that almost everyone has heard of the Holocaust, the enormous tragedy in Germany during the WWII that involved the execution of millions of Jews as well as Gypsies, homosexuals and other alienated groups. It seems too that we are all human beings, we are all in a difficult experience together and the sooner we realize it the better. However, are lessons of history invaluable in determining the course of the future? In fact, many historians propagated the Holocaust as a lie. Nevertheless, “no two historians ever agree on what happened, and the damn thing is they both think they're telling the truth”, as Harry S. Truman, has stated. I think, we have to examine our nation’s past and learn for the future. We have to restate the continuing need for vigilance in light of the troubling repetition of human tragedies in the world today. When people during the 21st century are murdered by their dictators in Libya, Syria, Bahrain and Yemen and when people in Burma are still suffering from forced labor and human trafficking ,it seems that history repeats itself  everyday... and let's not forget the kids in Palestine killed everyday since the establishment of the "world peace organization". Which Peace they meant? Since the foundation of the United Nations the world has been evolving in recording genocides, killings and wars for and for no reason. If we examine 1959 Cuba,1973 Chile Plot Pot,1975 Cambodia,1991 Somalia, 1994 Rwanda,1998 Congo Bosnia,2003 Sudan Darfur,2006 Argentina genocides and crimes against humanity and more, it becomes apparent that the important lessons available from the Holocaust have not been learned by the world. Let's understand the Holocaust as a history of enduring horror and sorrow, as no spark of human concern that have not to be repeated. Can we?

     On the other hand, it is certainly vital to maintain both caution and optimism in dealing with the future. Fortunately we have the ability to hope…

I believe learning from the Past’s sorrow Could create a joyful Tomorrow 
"Learning from the past's sorrow could create a joyful tomorrow",20 July 2010 ,Gabès,Tunisia 
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