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Water as a tool of War #Yarmouk #Syria

Published at Aljazeera English

Yarmouk camp victim of water wars in Syria
The Syrian regime is using water as a tool of war in the Yarmouk camp, according to a recent report issued by the Palestinian League for Human Rights (PLHR).
According to PLHR, a diaspora network established in 2012 with contacts all over the Palestinian camps, the camp's water supply was entirely cut off with no justification provided, leading to a humanitarian catastrophe.
"We live an atrocious tragedy and all forms of death are available here," Abdullah al-Khateeb, a Palestinian activist living in Yarmouk, told Al Jazeera over the phone.

Caught up in the war between rebel armed groups and the Syrian army, the camp paid a high price. Of the 160,000 Palestinians who used to live in the camp, only 18,000 remain. Established in 1957, Yarmouk camp is one of nine camps hosting Palestinian refugees in Syria; the number of registered Palestinian refugees, according to UN figures, is 517,255.
Since December 2…

The future of Climate Change in Africa

INTERVIEW WITH ROSE WACHUKApublished at Foresight For Development-Africa

I interviewed Rose Wachuka, a dear friend and a climate activist. 
Rose is a Steering Committee member of the Global Young Greens (GYG). She is also the Strategic Advisor on Programsand Partner Relations at Kenya Young Greens. Rose prides herself in the fact that the Green principles are focused on ensuring that women and minority rights are protected. Rose is the co-founder of the Voice of Women Initiative and a blogger, building a platform that would inform the world about African values, democracy, green principles and the value of peace. Her blog is called Green Background.

1.Tell us about your "climate awakening moment", the moment where you decided to dedicate your efforts in climate activism and why you think everyone has to have that “awakening moment" to save our nations and continent?

I was asked to present a paper on Climate Change Farmer Related Suicides in Makueni County in Kenya at an Ea…