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The Future of MENA -Part I

Day after day, our region (Middle East and North Africa) is portrayed as the most dangerous and desperate in the world because of the ongoing political change and uprisings.

Young people of the MENA -who have led the change- have different view!
They have a realistic view of the current turmoil which comes with optimism, hope and determination that ongoing grassroots movements are being established to move forward.

Check out what young activists from Algeria, Egypt, Yemen and Lebanon think about the future of their countries!!

The Migration Dilemma in North Africa

Published on Foresight For Development Africa 
The dramatic political changes and instability in North Africa following the civil war in Libya and the partition of Sudan, in addition to the conflicts in Syria and Mali, have created new waves of movements in the region. The crisis has two main faces; the sub region serves as either a transit or final destination for sizeable mixed migration movements from neighboring countries, sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East.
Despite the risk of arrest and detention, Libya continues to see the arrival of many refugees and asylum-seekers. According to UNHCR, over 37,000 asylum-seekers and refugees are registered with their Tripoli and Benghazi officers, with Syrians making up the largest group (18,655), followed by Eritreans (4,673), Somalis (2,380) and Iraqis (3,105). In Egypt, there has been an increasing number of asylum-seekers from Syria and Sudan. In addition to Sahrawi refugees in the Tindouf camps of Algeria, Algerian families along the …