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Banned from entering Egypt! lucky or cursed?


From the Twitter interaction, my fellow Egyptians consider me lucky to be banned from entering Egypt!! which describes to what extend the situation has led the youth to "wish" leaving their home country! 

The news has spread out with my full name and age as written on the passport!  which has surprised me as I have only shared that information on social media! No one knows my middle name though! 

But to make the story short, I am banned from entering Egypt with no given reason after bad treatment to say the least and investigation! 

April 26th, I was in transit at Cairo Airport for 12 hours from Casablanca to Abuja and supposed to have a night over in a hotel with EgyptAir. When the security checked my passport they informed me that I am "blacklisted" and cannot enter Egypt (which I didn't ask for anyway). The procedures that followed this were continuous interrogations for hours and hours from different security officers about my work, reasons of travels an…