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Tunisia: Between Political Instability, Terrorism & Police Repression

When journalists are arrested because they've taken photos for their articles, we ask, where is freedom of expression? When there is denial of accessibility, we ask, where is transparency? When the corrupt hands are out of jail, we ask, where is accountability? but when political leaders are assassinated during a "democratic transition", what shall we ask for?
The assassination of Chokri Belaid on February 6th earlier this year, is a sorrow for Tunisia not only because it is an act of killing a human being but also an act of extreme censorship to a leader who revealed corruption and vocally criticized Ennahda, the Islamist ruling party. This is not censoring YouTube or Daily-motion, hacking blogs, Facebook Pages and Tweeter accounts or dispersing protests with teargas. This is censoring the heartbeat forever. In less than six months of Belaid's murder, during the Republic Day which is our annual celebration marking Tunisia's foundation as an independent republic, …

Peace by All Means