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Get Your Inspiration from Global Power Shift 2013

During my representation of Tunisia at Global Power Shift, I've been very inspired and empowered by the speakers and participants' stories, passion and strives for Climate justice fight.  I'd like to share with you some of the most inspirational moments. 

During the workshop on Non-Violent Direct Action (NVDA), Heather Milton Lightening shared her story: 

At the same workshop, Hannah Strange, trainer at Greenpeace USA in San Franciscofaciliatated an interesting session on campaigning for Climate Justice: 

During the plenary session, Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), delivered a very emotional speech,

Following Ms.Figueres's speech, Kumi Naidoo, the South African activist and Executive Director of Green Peace International took the floor, 

Finally, I made this video to gather some of the memories from GPS in order for us to carry them in Phase2 and keep the same spirit and energy. Enjoy!

Istanbul hosts over 500 Climate Change Leaders

I've never practically been active on environmental issues though I'm subscribed to the cause. My main cause has always been human rights and peace building. However, I eventually realized that environmental rights are human rights. One is stupid to think that Green organizations are only environmental! 

I had indeed many friends active in climate change advocacy but I realized that though the increasing threat of climate change nothing really has changed during the last few years. Maybe because there is not enough climate change advocates and leaders? From my observation during especially the last five years, I found out that the movement needs indeed a joint effort from as many people as possible because it affects everyone indeed! So for the impact to be more timely and efficient, the movement has to grow, more people eventually have to join and thus I moved from a subscriber to the cause to my country representative of Global Power Shift.(GPS)

Global Power Shift is a catal…

Blogging for Wheelock Conference" 2013 Global Challenges and Opportunities"

I participated in many conferences around the world but I found Wheelock Conference unique since its kick off.

The opening panel of the conference celebrated art as a window and a mirror to the world. Ellie Friedland, the associate professor on Early Childhood Education at Wheelock College, stated that every act is a political statement, “starting this conference with an Art Panel is political.” The panelists discussed arts’ integration between praxis and critical consciousness, multiple intelligence by Howard Gardner, performance in scenes and monologue, connecting art to science and maths, theatre as a different place from school and teachers’ engagement and passion. They all emphasized training the awareness and interpersonal creativity of the child. John Bay drew a conclusion after an exercise he shared with the audience, that “we need a mixture of the strange and the familiar because too strange is scary and too familiar is boring.” He also did another exercise on the geometry of …