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Pakistani Children Claim "It's my Right, Make it Right"

I was surfing into my Facebook wall when I've seen an interesting post by Muhammed Asshir, a friend of mine and activist from Pakistan who works as the Program Manager at We Can End All Violence Against Women Pakistan.

He posted this picture with a description that "A distant dream came true! Its the first ever Children Parliament of Pakistan"! At a first glance, I thought it might be something like Model United Nations or Model European Union. However, actually this is not a Model UN Conference or Model Parliament! This is a real Children Parliament of Pakistan, the first ever Children Assembly in Pakistan with more than 200 children coming across 36 districts of Pakistan,in particluar from the marginalized and disadvantaged backgrounds. 

I felt a special pride of these kids and asked Aashir about the event. He said:" it is just like the Pakistani Parliament, starting from reading holy verses of the Quran, to the national anthem when all the parliamentarian membe…