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Palestinians teach us Life everyday

I've been raised up on the picture of Mohamed El Durra, the 12-year old Palestinian kid, who was killed next to his father while crouching behind a cylinder in the middle of crossfire between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian security forces. I was 13 by that time and I've never forgotten that picture... the idea that this child's life ended there while I feel I've just started up my real life-adolescence- was a little weird... I was a child too...I had no insights into the political, geo-strategic and historical implications but I was old enough to think that this child could be me if I had Jamal Durra as my father or if I was born in the occupied territories... I was also knowledgeable enough at that age to know some words as Sharoon,  ,Alquds Freedom, Victims, Zionist and Jewish (but didn't know the difference for sure), democracy, etc... and my jargon was a puzzle of the pictures I see everyday as part of every national or/and international reporting though I d…

Jimmy Carter at GSU


I attended LGBTQ conference by coincidence!

Raised in the Muslim society, the idea itself of a different sexual orientation is unacceptable which is I think the case of any Abrahamic religion. Regardless of religion, I was entitled to the understanding that this is a sickness, a mental disorder or psychological trouble that one might experience. The general norms are either to be a man or a woman.
Coming to the USA, I thought that the idea is more acceptable here. However, experiencing life in the south of the states in"Georgia", I was amazed by the similarities of our societies in terms of conservatism. Maybe even a little more conservative, I was even surprised when I first went to Washington DC and found the Bible in the desk drawer of the hotel room and I had big "?" in my mind!
Well, few days ago, I registered for a conference on campus and I woke up Saturday morning at 8am heading to that Annual Conference at Georgia Southern University called " LGBTQ and Allies Conference" and weirdly I…