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“The People Demand, a Civil State”, March 20th 2012

Tunisia’s flag has been raised up in another special occasion today: “Independence Day of Tunisia”. I’ve never celebrated the Independence Day. For some Tunisians, it would be just a day off, for others it would be a good opportunity to rest and sleep or hang out with friends, for me it has always been another day like every day. All what this day means is the declaration of independence form the French colonization on March 20th, 1956. However, today was a march and more than a mere independence commemoration.

Although some parties tried to gather in groups, holding different flags and calling for different slogans, by noon, thousands of Tunisians were standing in front of Interior Ministry, holding the same flag “Tunisia’s Flag” chanting: الشعـــب يــــريد دولــــــة مــــدنيـة  “the people demand, a civil state”, recalling the commitment of January 14th as if that day has been a second independence… independence form dictatorship, from censorship, from oppression...