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April 2015- Middle East Eye

My profile by Eric Reidyas part of a series that started at the International Women Day.
Aya Chebbi: From Tunisia’s revolution to global activist . Sitting under a breezy tent on the second day of the 2015 World Social Forum, which took place in Tunis from 24 to 28 March, Aya Chebbi shifted in her seat with an animated intensity. The 26-year-old Tunisian activist and blogger was listening to four middle-aged panelists discuss the necessity for NGOs and social movements to listen to marginalized voices to build their goals around people’s real needs. Read More

April 2015- Super Girl of the Month by Girl Pride Circle

Featured as Super Girl of the Month. Also published on Youth Blog
Aya's story is that of a bold and daring super girl, with a rare zeal for undiluted activism. Read More.
Our warm congratulation to you for every steps that you take towards positive changes in the society, we really know that it is hard and challenging but you never tired. We the youth are proud of you and wish you all the best in whatever way you go and initiatives you take. Read More

 March 2015- Deutsche Welle

 My Profile at DW
   Aya is deeply concerned about the kind of world      today’s children and young people will face in the    future, and about strengthening the democratic  structures in her homeland. Aya is “Proudly Tunisian”  – as she calls her blog. Read More 

December 2013- Taking on the Giant

My profile as One of Tunisia’s Most Promising Female Leaders
Her blog has managed to get tens of thousands of visitors from around the world. Aya confesses that her goal was never to have a successful blog, but one that engages people. Read More

December 2014- African Role Model by Ignite the Youth
My Profile as the African Role Model
What immediately stands out about Aya is her undeniable loyalty to her nation - The Republic of Tunisia. This young African beats her chest for Tunisia, cries for Tunisia and would undoubtedly bleed for Tunisia! Her national patriotism is so immense, it beams from within her in a manner that says "I have no shame in who I am and where I come from!" Indeed, she is unashamed and publicly announces that she is "Proudly Tunisian" Read More

January 2014- AfroElle Magazine
Featured on the Magazine Rebirth Issue about New Generation Leaders

November 2013- Daily Mavrick
My profile interview as part of the series on the Voices of Young Africans by Khadija Patel

As part of a new Daily Maverick series profiling young, African leaders, we sat down with Aya Chebbi, a Tunisian blogger and activist. She is the kind of young person that inspires hope in humanity, a 'doer', an active participant in the society she has grown up in. And still she is warm, insightful, humble. Just don’t use the phrase “Arab Spring” around her. Read More

February 2013 - ELLE Belgique Magazine
Tunisie, Ou Vont Les Femmes?
Céline Gautier interviewed me for the Belgian Magazine ELLE Belgique. It is a women magazine but mainly featuring pop culture, life & love, hair & beauty, accessories, shops etc... The interview was about women's rights in Tunisia and the ruling Islamic party Ennahda. Celine also captured my attention with the same comment as Fiona : " I'll make you some questions  in order for me to understand better what's happening now in Tunisia regarding women's rights. As the Europeans have a lot of misinformation, I'll ask you to give us some facts and not only feelings or thoughts"

December 2012- Madison Magazine
After the Revolution Tales
Fiona MacDonald wrote this article on the Australian Magazine Madison about stories of women in the Arab Uprising what she called "After the Revolution". She interviewed women from Egypt, Libya, Syria and Tunisia including myself. Fiona said when she first contacted me and explained the message behind her article: " women have played a crucial role in the revolutions but many Australians don’t know much about what’s been happening (other than what they see on the news) and how empowered the Arab women are". I am proud of her final piece which had I guess a positive reaction worldwide and I hope also in Australia.

The interview was also published at the Intentious
September 2012- Inspirational Friday
 My Profile as the Hyper  Volunteer
  She is 25 but don’t be fooled by her youth.  Aya Chebbi is a serial traveller, blogger, and  volunteer, she started her own NGO, while  pursuing several academic careers  (dropping out some, picking up others). Oh,  and she has one or two (more likely twenty)  ideas that she would like to turn into  organisations and projects to help make her  country and the world a better place. Want  more? She is also a very enthusiastic talker  with a bright personality and a huge smile.  Her enthusiasm is hard to resist. Let the  Aya wave take you through revolutionary  times and global adventures.  Read More



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