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Tips for blogging

Chris Wright and I had a conversation on blogging as part of Climate Tracker training
Full hangout is below

My Talk at Stanford University "Changing Stereotypes through Alternative Media"

#Tunisia #USA #Education #Terrorism #Stereotypes #Blogging

My Talk at Stanford University about intercultural dialogue through the lens of my camera! don't be scared of Ben Laden's picture, it's just a small example of many stereotypes that need to be exposed and broken!

Do you Think Arabs are Terrorists?


I filmed this video during my stay in Georgia, USA! Check out what Americans think about Arabs on questions of religion, terrorism and stereotypes!

The Future lies in Africa #PanAfricanism


Published on Foresight For Development-Africa 
Africa is usually depicted as moving from the days of an independence era through four decades of neo-colonial exploitation, to recent waves of revolutions against domestic dictatorships and continuing poverty, as the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

However, we cannot shrink the future of Africa in accepting its reality. We need to acknowledge even the small meaningful changes and growth, in the hope of transforming it.  In this quest for hope and transformation, North Africa needs to be integrated in the continent’s entire transformation. The rest of Africa should be aware of the transformation North Africa could bring to the continent politically, strategically and economically.

The origins of exchanges, interactions and ties, which we have gradually been losing between North Africa and the rest of the continent, date back to antiquity, including cultural, scientific, diplomatic, military and commercial movements. If we lo…