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Message of Peace

I think Peace, Justice and Freedom are words we've heard in countless speeches, signed treaties and Noble prices but did not bring peace to the world! It should be more than words on page... It is about making these words a reality...To make world peace a reality, everyone of you should be at peace within oneself first. If you wanna make a change, start by changing yourself... change the way you think...the way you react.. the way you treat yourself, your body...Please your mind before you wanting your mind to please you...reach your inner happiness to make the world happy...forgive yourself first to be able to forgive others...think equal in order to promote equality... It doesn't matter if you fail or succeed, it matters that you try because you will learn from every experience you go through...

I believe everyone has something to do in this world before leaving... It could be a small thing but it would  have a great impact... This is why you're on this planet... you'…

Freedom of speech is America but violence is not Islam


Straight to the Point

If it was just me experiencing this, I would maybe not even talk about it since I'll consider it an exception but it strangely happened with many people complaining about the same thing and you might have experienced it as well.

We are 15 bloggers for CIVICUS, who have been granted full bursaries to attend the World Assembly in Canada. Some of us had their visas either rejected once and twice or not issued on time because of long and annoying procedures. I will talk in my name and take full responsibility of my words but I will meanwhile quote from my fellow bloggers.

Prabin Rokaya, a young activist from Nepal, had his visa rejected twice."They told me I can't even appeal!! I had to reapply and again the same reasons were given", he said. Three main reasons have been claimed by the Canadian Consulate in Nepal that I will cite then you decide if they were fair enough. First, they mentioned his strong ties in Canada though he doesn't have any friends or relative…